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I love the inspiration for crafters available on the internet - that's why I decided to add something myself. I'm not a professional designer - I have a fulltime job that's completely unrelated to knitting or yarn. Knitting is a hobby and I love figuring out how to knit or crochet stuff - especially when it's a bit complicated. For me that's 90% of the fun. Occasionally, I write down some of it (even though that IS hard work for me) - and these are the patterns that you can find here on my blog.

Please note, that I usually don't have test knitters or friends who proof-read the patterns published here (and as mentioned before knitting doesn't pay my bills). This means that the patterns are published "as is" with some typos end/or other mistakes - even though I take great care when writing a pattern. If you find a typo or mistake, please let me know - either in the comments or by e-mail to knittingandsoon [at] yahoo [dot] com. I will do my best to correct them as fast as possible.

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I have published more than 90 knitting and crochet patterns - free and paid patterns:
  • My paid patterns are published and sold on Ravelry and Loveknitting. These patterns are not to be shared freely and not to be used commercially. If you want to translate one of these patterns, please contact me on one of the above channels.
  • The patterns that are published on this blog are free and published under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike License. That means, that you can use, change, translate etc. the patterns as long as you don't use them commercially and as long as you share them in the same way (same license). I am happy to link to translations a pattern or - if you don't have a blog yourself - to publish them here.

And finally, here's my knitter's geek code :) - as explained in Knitty several years ago.


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