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Short rows and variegated yarn are a gorgeous combination because of the yarn is shown in the best possible way. This shawl consists of rhombuses that stack up to be triangles which in turn form a (slightly angular) semi-circle – or to be precise half of an octagon.

Even though this shawl is knitted all in garter stitch, it is NOT an instant gratification project because it requires some concentration. 

Knitted in Lace weight yarn the finished and blocked piece measures about 159 cm in width and about 78 cm in depth. Since it is knitted all in garter stitch, it basically looks the same on both sides.

The pattern PDF is available via

The pattern PDF is 15 pages long and contains

  • written row-by-row instructions for knitting this piece
  • schematic of the construction, i.e. how the rhombuses stack up to create the shawl
  • chart(s) of one rhombus
  • a cheat sheet that summarizes the pattern on one page
  • short photo tutorials for the following techniques
    • short rows with wrap and turn and picking up the wraps
    • crochet CO (at the edge of a knitted piece)
    • backwards loop CO

To knit this piece you will need the following materials
  • about 1900 metres of Lace weight yarn – I used Wollmeise Lace (colorway Allegria) - here's a link to the yarn's Ravelry page
  • 3.25mm knitting needles – I used circulars that were 80 cm long
  • a crochet hook of a similar size (I used a 3.5mm hook)
  • a tapestry needle – for grafting and to weave in ends
  • 7 stitch markers
  • (at least) 1 removable stitch marker to mark the RS of the piece

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