Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

Bamboo & Ruffles Wrist Warmers

These wrist warmers are worked in a pattern that is called "Bamboo stitch" - at least where I come from.

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Non-Standard Abbreviations:
  • yo2k = yo k2 pass the yarn over over both knit stitches
  • 1to3 = k1 leave stitch on needle yo k1 

Fingering weight yarn
3.5mm dpns

join in round
Rows 1-6: p1 k2 p1 (repeat)
Row 7: p1 yo2k p1 (repeat)

Rows 8-10: p1 k2 p1 (repeat)
repeat rows 7 to 10 a total of 14 times then start with ruffles on top

Ruffle Row 1: p1 1to3 p1 (repeat)
Ruffle Row 2: p1 k1 1to3 k2 1to3 k1 p1 (repeat)
Ruffle Row 3: p1 k10 p1 (repeat)
BO while repeating ruffle row 3.

Make two.

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