Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Velvet Cowl

I made a cowl from a pair of old velvet trousers my mum wanted to throw away. I cut the trousers into stripes (just like making t-shirt yarn, but with only about 1cm width, because the material is rather heavy), tugged the stripes (very gently) and started knitting.

The cowl is knit diagonally.

I used 12mm needles, but thicker needles can be used as well.

Row 1: ssk k until last stitch kfb
Row 2: purl
Row 3: ssk k until last stitch kfb
Row 4: *knit yo* repeat
Row 5: ssk knit (dropping all yo's) until last stitch kfb
Row 6: ssk k until last stitch kfb

Knit until you run out of material - ideally until the cowl would fit nicely over your head. Then connect the ends by grafting or sewing.

Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

Bamboo & Ruffles Wrist Warmers

These stretchy wrist warmers are knitted in the round and very easy to knit, i.e. the pattern is suited for beginners. The stitch pattern is called "Bamboo stitch" - at least where I come from ;)

Creative Commons License
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Non-Standard Abbreviations:
  • yo2k = yo k2 pass the yarn over over both knit stitches
  • 1to3 = k1 leave stitch on needle yo k1 

Fingering weight yarn
3.5mm dpns

join in round
Rows 1-6: p1 k2 p1 (repeat)
Row 7: p1 yo2k p1 (repeat)

Rows 8-10: p1 k2 p1 (repeat)
repeat rows 7 to 10 a total of 14 times then start with ruffles on top

Ruffle Row 1: p1 1to3 p1 (repeat)
Ruffle Row 2: p1 k1 1to3 k2 1to3 k1 p1 (repeat)
Ruffle Row 3: p1 k10 p1 (repeat)
BO while repeating ruffle row 3.

Make two.