Montag, 7. September 2015

Color Way Grievances

I love Schoppel Zauberball yarn - especially the colors and the way they combine. 

But this time I didn't have much luck in the way the colors developed. I wanted to show off the colors by using two skeins of the same colorway (Fuchsia) and alternating every few rows. 

On the right hand side is my first try: the stripe pattern became practically invisible, when both skeins turn red. So I frogged and tried again - starting from the other end of one skein - the result is in the left hand picture. This time both skeins turn orange at the same time - with the same effect.

I'm slightly annoyed ... but I'm sure that I will find something nice to do with the skeins sometime soon. In the meantime, this goes to the frog pond (i.e. will be ripped back).

I will also use this pattern idea another time and with different yarn(s).


  1. Das ist natürlich ärgerlich! Aber ich bin sicher, Dir wird über kurz oder lang trotzdem was Spannendes dafür einfallen.

    1. Merci. Ja, ich hoffe, dass mir was lustiges für die Zauberbälle einfällt! Ich liebe diese Farbkombinationen!

  2. Try using the same skein, begining and ending.when it does not work, just cut the yarn and begin in snother piece of the skein.