Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

Kitchener Stitch

I have tried to do a kitchener stitch several times ... with or without success. I usually manage to get it wrong.

Anyway, for further reference, here's how to do a kitchener stitch:
  • setup: front purl, back knit.
  • front needle: knit-slip and purl-leave
  • back needle: purl-slip and knit-leave 
Here's a picture of my last urchin hat ... here I got it wrong (which is NOT the fault of the pattern, but my own). I still like the hat :-)

Further info on grafting can be found here. Especially, grafting garter stitch is explained like this:
  • setup: Front purl, back purl.
  • front needle: knit slip, purl.
  • back needle: knit slip, purl.

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