Sonntag, 29. April 2012

Tarn Scrunchy

If there's anything I should have lying around, it's scrunchies. Unfortunately, I seem to "distribute" them all over the place, so that I usually don't find any of them. That's why I buy more and more of them - only to discover later that there were some in the pocket of a winter coat or in a bag that I hadn't used for ages.
By chance I found on ravelry a pattern for one ... before, it had never occured to me that this could be a knitting or crochet project.

So, this weekend I went to the supermarket and bought cheap hair rubber bands.

First I tried with thin cotton yarn - and it looked just fine. Then I thought that this might be something to use my tarn for. (How to make tarn: here.)

It took me several times, to get it right. Since tarn is quite thick, it was necessary to use it in a way that the scrunchy wouldn't get to heavy. For example, loops of chain stitches were just to thick and unelastic.

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Here's how I did it ...

  • less then 1 t-shirt's worth of tarn
  • one elastic hair band
  • 5mm crochet hook
  1. to start do a slip stitch and fix yarn to hair band with another slip stitch
  2. wrap yarn twice around your index finger, insert hook into these loops, yarn over and pull through, but leave the loops on your finger (you have now 2 loops on your hook)
  3. again wrap yarn twice around your index finger insert hook into these loops, yarn over and pull through, but leave the loops on your finger (you have now 3 loops on your hook)
  4. yarn over and pull yarn through all three loops on your hook
  5. slip stitch around the elastic hair band and remove the loops from your index finger
  6. repeat steps 2 to 5 round
  7. join with slip stitch and weave in ends


  1. I love this pattern. May I showcase your pattern and feature you as a Recycled Yarn Designer on my website - Recycled Into Yarn

    1. Thanks! You can of course showcase the pattern (it's publicly available anyway :)

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