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Helga Cabled Mitts

Free Knitting Pattern: Helga Cabled Mitts
Made from Aran weight yarn, these
fingerless gloves are a quick knit with decorative cables.

They were knit to very (!) clear specifications of my Mum who saw a photo in a catalogue and asked me to knit her such mitts.

This is not a complete pattern, but only a rough explanation.

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  • about 60 grams of Aran weight yarn
  • 4.5 mm dpns
  • a tapestry needle to weave in ends

Cable abbreviations are explained in the knitting cables section of .
Half the stitches of the width of the cable are placed on a cable needle (in case of C8F the cable width is 8, therefore the number of stitches you place on the cable needle is 4). This cable needle is held in front (in case of C8F) in at the back (in case of C8B) of your knitting while you knit the other half of the cables stitches. Then you knit the stitches from the cable needle.

  • CO 32 and join in round
  • knit 6 rounds of "k2-p2"-ribbing
  • the cable is knitted in 3 strands that are each 4 stitches wide; all stitches are knit-stitches, except for a purl channel (1 st wide) around the 12 cable stitches, i.e. set-up row: "k1 p1 k12 p1 k to end"
  • cabling is done every 4th row; the strand that leans to the middle is always the "front strand" (in row 4 the cabling part reads "p1 C8F k4 p1" and in row 8 "p1 k4 C8B p1" (and the other way round for the second mitt)). See chart below.
    Free Knitting Pattern: Helga Cabled Mitts
  • for thumb gusset start increases in 24th row after ribbing: place markers around a stitch 2 stitches away from the cabling part (for one mitt on the left side, for the other on the right side) - and k to marker mk1r k to next marker mk1l
  • do thumb gusset increases in rounds 24, 28, 32 and 36 (i.e. you increase by 8 stitches)
  • in row 40 place 9 thumb stitches on stitch holder and CO1 above the thumb hole (with backwards loop CO)
  • do last cabling in row 44 and knit 3 more "k1 p1 k12 p1 k to end"-rows
  • finish with 4 rows of "k2 p2"-ribbing then BO in pattern
  • for thumb gusset distribute the 9 sts from stitch marker on two needles and pick-up 5 more stitches from above thumb gusset (-> 14 sts)
  • knit 2 rounds in stockinette stitch (knitting decreases in the first row where the stitches from stitch holder meet the newly picked up stitches to avoid gaps) -> 12 stitches
  • finish with 2 rounds of  "k2 p2"-ribbing then BO in pattern

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  1. Oh I really love this, color and pattern both. Thanks for sharing this much.

    1. Thank you. My mum had very definite ideas about both color and pattern - I only had to knit them :)