Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Another Short Row Interpretation

I've always wanted to knit the beautiful Summit shawl by Mandy Harrington. I've tried it a few years ago when I rediscovered knitting, but at that time my attempts looked rather sad and were soon frogged. But I still kept the pattern in my queue, because I'm still planning to knit it one time.

Curiously enough, I never thought of it as a short row pattern - even though I do like short rows very much. That changed when I saw a wonderful picture on Pinterest to the machine knitting blog In her post "Wisteria 2" she explains a similar pattern (for machine knitting) in terms of short rows.

That got me thinking - especially since I was looking for ideas how to use the sock yarn that I bought last week ... and eventually I started a crescent scarf with short row "holes" (i.e. non-wrapped short rows).

As always, I'm not sure whether it the effect (shape, topology and yarn) will work, but I'll continue for a bit.

2 Kommentare:

  1. So nice! I like the shape and the yarn. The colors are great!

    1. Thank you - the yarn is "Lang Yarns JaWoll Color" - colorway 132.0458