Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

New Construction Idea

Many of the mitts I designed over the last year or so, were constructed in a way that I didn't have to cut my yarn in the process. For me this is quite important, because
  1. I don't especially like weaving in ends :)
  2. I frog my stuff so often that it would be a waste to cut the yarn before I was sure that the knitted piece would stay in the shape it's currently in
However, when knitting with variegated yarn there are other considerations, too. I think it looks nicer when there is no "jump" in the color gradient, e.g. when you put the thumb stitches to a stitch holder and finish the mitt - and then when you attach the yarn to the thumb stitches the color just won't fit.
This is not exactly tragic, but when I got some new (variegated) sock yarn, I was determined to construct new mitts in a way that I wouldn't have to cut the yarn - which means either to start with the thumb or end with it.
I've already published a few patterns that match this description (e.g. Circle Mitts, Pieces of Eight Mitts, Zoom Out Fingerless Gloves), but it's more fun to construct something new. So, voilà, here's the new construction. A bit on the lines of the Zoom Out gloves, but with a different start.

Fingerless Gloves - Knitting Construction


So, all I need to do now is finish them, write up the pattern, get some nice photos and find a good name for them. Any name suggestions are welcome.

4 Kommentare:

  1. der Anfang sieht ja aus wie ein Heißluftballon - wie wär's mit *Mitts in the Air* .....

    1. Danke! Coole Idee - die Assoziation mit dem Heissluftballon ist klasse.

  2. Great design (like the other patterns)! Really awesome!