Samstag, 4. Februar 2017

My Knitting Failures in January

In January, I felt as though I had lost my knitting mojo ... Apart from the fact that I have currently, four half-finished knitting patterns not quite ready for publication, most of the new projects I started in January have somehow not worked, i.e. were (or will be) frogged.

The main reason I'm posting this is to say that nice knitting designs don't happen magically. Sometimes you've got an idea and it just doesn't work the way you planned it. You have to try, and try again and again and again ...

The first idea was for a new pair of fingerless mitts - again knitted in one piece with a special construction that wouldn't require to cut the yarn while. I planned to model it similar to the U-Turn mitts, but with a triagular (rather than round) turning. I had to start four times over to get the proportions right (short rows for the garter stitch ribbing vs. angles for the triangle on top). And the fifth time, I made it too wide to fit my hands. I am currently debating with myself whether to frog and forget it or whether to give the idea a new chance (and try again for the sixth time ...)

The second idea was a cowl knitted in the round with a fair isle pattern. I wanted the color A to blend into color B and then do it in reverse on the way back. I used some reclaimed yarn for this, i.e. yarn from a previous project that got frogged because I didn't wear it.
Unfortunately, my skills at this kind of colorwork are "suboptimal" (to put it mildly) and with this wriggly reclaimed yarn the color changes looked even worse than usual. I considered finishing it - hoping the problems would heal themselves in blocking, but in the end I decided to frog it again and start something different with this yarn.

The last project was a cowl I started as a "waiting room project";  I wanted to have something to knit to accompany my Mum to the hospital for a follow-up on her bone fractures. That meant it had to be
  • easy to remember (no written or printed pattern to read),
  • easy to carry, and
  • something that wouldn't require me to make notes or take photos - for a pattern I meant to publish later. 
I settled on an idea for a short row design that I had drawn some time ago. It doesn't look too bad on the picture, but I don't quite like it. I'm not really sure why, perhaps the colors or the texture (I should have taken bigger needles). Not sure whether to try with bigger needles (and some other slight modifications) or to give it up completely.

The patterns and posts I published in January were actually knitted last year - so it didn't look so bleak on the blog :)

To finish on a positive note (and to give the absolute counter-example :) The pattern for the Ice Maiden Cowl was something that I wrote on a tiny Post-It note when I sat on the train to Zurich in November - planning an easy knitting project that could be done while playing Dungeons & Dragons. I only new that I wanted some intarsia pattern and I just wrote down some number (stitches of each colors) that I thought might work. I cast on and started it and even after I had knitted a few repeats, I wasn't sure whether to keep it or not ... But now that it's finished, I like it :)

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  1. Das geht uns doch allen mal so. Und liegt, zumindest in meinem Fall, auch an der ätzenden, uninspirierenden Jahreszeit. Im Dezember und den größten Teil des Januars habe ich nur langweiliges Zeug gestrickt (oder aufgetrennt), bis sich dann Ende des Monats wieder eine spontane, gute Idee einstellte, die sich auch gut umsetzen ließ. Über die freut man sich dann umso mehr ...
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Liebe Ute, vielen Dank! Ich weiss, ich weiss, ich weiss, dass das normal ist und auch wieder besser wird. Nur grade ist die Durststrecke etwas lang ... und die graue Jahreszeit hat bestimmt einen Anteil daran, aber auch einige meiner momentanen Gewohnheiten - und an denen muss ich selber etwas ändern :)
      Liebe Grüsse

  2. Thank you for your generous creativity.