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Harlequin Cowl

I like a cowl to sit as snugly as possible around my neck, but I also like it to warm my shoulders. That's why I designed this one, that starts wide (around the shoulder), but gets narrower at the top (around the neck). It is knitted in two-colour brioche in the round and bottom (shoulder) up.

This knitting pattern is available via

The PDF for this knitting pattern is 12 pages long and contains:

  • row-by-row pattern instructions
  • photo tutorials for the brioche increases and decreases you need to knit this piece:
    • brk2inc
    • brkLdec
    • brkRdec
    • brk4inc
    • brk4dec 
  • a chart of the main pattern repeat
In order to knit this pattern you should know how to knit two-colour brioche.

Inside View

To knit this cowl you need the following materials:

  • a total of about 500 metres of light fingering weight yarn in two contrasting colors
  • 3.5mm knitting needle (I used a 60 cm one in the beginning and a 40 cm one in the end – however, you can use longer ones using the Magic Loop technique)
  • a cable needle (alternatively, a removable stitch marker) for the brk4dec stitch
  • 16 stitch markers – one of them (the end of round-marker) different from the others

The finished (and blocked) piece measures 44 cm in height. It's circumference is 95 cm on the bottom and 52 cm on the top (unstretched; stretched, i.e. for putting it on, you can get it as wide as 62 cm).

I had the following gauge: 21 stitches gave 10 cm in width and 24 rows gave 10 cm in height.

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