Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

Four Strand Cable Mitts

My first fingerless gloves with a cable pattern. I like the way the four strands cabling looks like a pinwheel.

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  • fingering weight yarn
  • needles: 3 mm dpns 
  • cable needle
  • Stitch holder or safety pin (to secure the stitches of the thumb gusset)
Size of the finished piece:
Length = ca. 20 cm, Circumference = ca. 18 cm

26 stitches x 34 rows = 9 cm x 9 cm


join in round

Row 1 - 7: p1 k8 (6 times)
Row 8: p1 k2 c4f k2 p1 k8 (3 times)
Row 9 = Row 1
Row 10: p1 c4b c4b p1 k8 (3 times)
Row 11 = Row 1
Row 12 = Row 8
Row 13 - 15 = Row 1
Row 16 = p1 k8 p1 k2 c4f k2 (3 times)
Row 17 = Row 1
Row 18 = p1 k8 p1 c4b c4b (3 times)
Row 19 = Row 1
Row 20 = Row 16
Repeat rows 5 - 20 three times more
Repeat row 1 twice more and BO

Thumb gusset:

I started in row 46, i.e. the 3rd time I reached Row 10 of the pattern. The thumb "grows" from one of the purl channels - while knitting the thumb gusset, continue with the cable pattern.
When you reach the first purl channel:
Row t1: m1 (purlwise) p1 m1 (purlwise)
Row t2: purl 3
Row t3: m1 (purlwise) p3 m1 (purlwise)
Row t4: purl 5
Row t5: m1 (purlwise) p5 m1 (purlwise)
Row t6: purl 7
Row t7: m1 (purlwise) p7 m1 (purlwise)
Row t8: purl 9
Row t9: m1 (purlwise) p9 m1 (purlwise)
Row t10: purl 11
Row t11: m1 (purlwise) p11 m1 (purlwise)
Row t12: purl13
Row t13: m1 (purlwise) p13 m1 (purlwise)
Row t14: purl 15
Row t15: place 15 purl stitches on stitch holder, make one (to form the p1 of the pattern) and continue with cable pattern.

After binding off, place 15 sts from stitch holder on two dpns and pick up 5 stitches from the row above and the sides.
- purl one round
- purl one round up to the last stitch (you have now finished knitting 4 of the 5 stitches on the upper needle)
p2tog p13 p2tog (this is to avoid gaps between thump and main piece)
- purl two more rounds and bind off.

Weave in ends.

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