Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

From Pantyhose to Phone Sock

This phone sock is made from old pantyhose cut into yarn. The material is quite flexible and - in knitted form -  makes a good protective layer around electronic equipment.

It's not much of a fancy pattern, but maybe an interesting idea for recycling.

  • 8mm dpns (or 8mm circular knitting needles using magic loop technique)
  • about two pairs of pantyhose cut into yarn (a tutorial can be found here).
  • tapistry needle
  • CO24 sts (I used knitted cast on to minimize the tail)
  • join in round
  • knit 35 rounds (depending on the size of your phone)
  • bind off using kitchener stitch (a tutorial can be found here)
  • weave in ends
I experimented a bit with different colours (stripes from light to dark) or patterns (e.g. k3 p1), but in the end I like the plain stockinette stitch best - without stripes or colourwork.

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