Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2018

Bubblewrap Cowl

I like to experiment with short rows and their effects on variegated yarn. With this piece I wanted to explore three-dimensional elements. The result was a stylish cowl with an organic look.
This cowl is basically knitted only in garter stitch, but with some increases and decreases combined with short rows to achieve the three-dimensional effect. It is stared with a provisional cast on, knitted flat and joined invisibly by grafting in garter stitch.

Using one skein of Wollmeise Twin (about 150 grams of any other fingering weight wool) the cowl will be long enough to fit twice around your neck.

The pattern contains a long stitch-by-stitch version, a shorter version that may be helpful once you've got the idea of how to knit one bubble, plus a schematic of the bubble placement and a chart of a bubble.
It is available for purchase 

  • about 150 grams of fingering weight yarn – I used Wollmeise Twin – colorway “Martha”, for a pattern such as this variegated yarn looks good, especially with a really short color gradient
  • scrap yarn and a crochet hook for provisional CO - here's a photo of the hank before winding.
  • 3.25 mm knitting needles - I used circulars, but straight needles will do as well
  • 5 stitch markers
  • a tapestry needle to graft and to weave in ends

Size and Gauge
The finished cowl (that used up almost all of a 150 grams skein of fingering weight yarn) measures 20 cm in width and 110 cm in circumference, i.e. it fits twice around your neck.

Necessary Skills

In order to finish this cowl you need the following knitting skills.
  • Provisional CO
  • Basic increases and decreases (kfb and ssk)
  • Grafting in garter stitch
  • German short rows (there is also an explanation on how to convert the pattern to "wrap and turn" short rows)

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