Sonntag, 26. Juli 2020

"Darn it!" or Kintsugi

My Cable Experiment Mitts (one of my first ever knitting patterns published back in 2012) were my favorite fingerless gloves to wear - even though they are quite plain and I have knitted far more interesting pairs of fingerless gloves ...

Quite a while ago, I ripped a hole into the upper edge. (In fact, I had to scroll quite far down in my Instagram feed to find out that this happened was in November 2015 - i.e. nearly five years ago).
Back then, somebody pointed me towards the idea of Kintsugi (金継ぎ, "golden joinery") - a Japanese technique to mend broken pottery with gold in way that the crack is still visible, but beautifully so.
Translated to knitting, it meant for me that I wanted to mend it with a beautiful shiny yarn, that would stand out from the dark brown (and cheap) sock yarn that I had used to knit the mitts.
But to mend something like that you really need your concentration and to be in the right state of mind. So I put the ripped mitts safely away ...

This weekend I felt a bit uninspired (or lazy) to continue any of my current knitting projects, so I thought, I might just try to mend these old mitts. First I had to search for them - I had moved house inbetween - so that was OK. Afterwards, I looked for video tutorials on YouTube to teach me the basics of mending knitware. I found this Video by KNIT Freedom and watched it.

Finally, I started the actual mending - using Araucania Botany Lace (here's the yarn's Ravelry page, leftovers from a Hitchhiker scarf I knitted back in 2012). It is fiddly work, especially since I hadn't done this before - and I had to undo bits of it and redo them. I even managed to sew both sides together once :( But in the end it worked, now everything is secure and wearable again.
Here's how it looks ...

Considering that this is the first time, I've ever tried to darn or mend a piece of knitted fabric, I'm quite happy - even though I had hoped it would turn out a bit neater.
And I'm even tempted to make the patch a bit bigger or to put some more embroidery on the upper edge of the piece, because I really like the contrast of the two yarns.

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