Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Mini-Cable Fingerless Gloves

I'm still not sure how this stitch is called – I found a YouTube video that called it „mock cables“, however my (German) stitch dictionary calls it „Minizöpfe“ (i.e. mini-cables) which seens more suitable, since it's not only a cable „look“, but the stitches are actually crossed. But whatever the stitch is called, I like it.

The finished gloves will be about 20cm long and 17cm in circumference.

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Fingering weight yarn
3.5 mm dpns
Stitch holder or waste yarn
Tapestry needle

The Mini-Cable Stitch
  • mini-cable: insert your right needle in the second stitch on the left needle and knit it, but don't slip it. Then knit the first stitch on the left needle and let both stitches slip from the needle.

Other Stitches
  • make 1 purl stitch: insert needle from the back in the bar between the two stitches and purl through the front
  • make 1 right or make a knit stitch leaning to the right: insert needle from the back in the bar between two stitches and knit the stitch through the front
  • make 1 left or make a knit stitch leaning to the left: insert needle from the front in the bar between two stitches and knit the stitch through the back of the loop

CO48 and join in round
Row 1: *p1 k2 p1* repeat
Row 2: *p1 mini-cable p1* repeat
Repeat those two rows a total of 18 times and start thumb gusset around one of the mini-cables accordinng to chart.
After the 16th row of the thumb gusset put 14 stitches on stitch holder and CO 4 above the thumb gusset, these four stitches will be knitted „p1 k2 p1“ in the next row to continue the mini-cable pattern.
Continue pattern for another 13 rows and bind off in pattern.

Place stitches from stitch holder on two dpns. Pick up additional 8 stitches from above the thumb gusset. Continue according to chart.

Bind off in 10th row.

Weave in ends.

Make two.

Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

Ten Stitches

Trying to do something else with the brilliant ten-stitch blanket or ten-stitch scarf pattern.

My original idea was to form the cuffs for fingerless gloves in this pattern, than join it in a round and pick up the stitches for the rest of the glove, but somehow it didn't really work out.

Here's a video showing how to knit an enhanced version of the ten-stitch blanket - in German.

Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Still so cold ...

It's still very cold outside and it even snows ... that's why yesterday I treated myself to some super bulky yarn (3 skeins of Lang Yarns Astrakan).

I plan to turn it into a large-ish cowl (knit simply in garter stitch) and another urchin hat - I really like that pattern.

Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

More ideas

  • Spinning newspaper yarn from packing paper and knitting (crocheting?) a bowl for knitting utensils or something similar
  • Knitting a pair of fingerless gloves in plain ribbing and decorate the edges with leftover Astrakan or Uno

Samstag, 4. Februar 2012

Mock Cable ... or too many ideas

A few days ago I googled for "mock cable". Here's the first video I found. I really liked the pattern it produced, so I started to knit some fingerless gloves - using a band of two mock cables as the top, then picking up stitches at the side to make the actual glove. It  turned out a bit to tight, so I frogged it.

However, I think that this stitch produces a lovely pattern. So I started another pair but only with mock cable ribbing. I quite like it, and I definitely will pursue the "cable band at the top" idea later.

As to the name of the stitch ("mock cable"), I'm not sure whether it is really correct - since the stitches are really twisted, I guess it's more of a mini cable than a mock one.

Some more googling produced this video where this is done differently.  I will try that also ... sometime.