Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

Mixed Wave Cowl - The First 5 Sections

I finally got round to knitting another cowl and taking photos of the process.
So, in the hope that this might help people who try to knit the cowl but at first cannot imagine how it will add up, here are photos of the first 5 sections. The marker around which a section has just been added, is pointed out with a red dot.

The first section is a left leaning section - knitted around the current marker 3.

 The second section is a right-leaning section - knitted around the current marker 5.

The third section is a left-leaning edge section - knitted around the marker that was number 6 when the five-section-sequence was started, but is now the fifth marker. Please note also, that a new marker (left of the marker with the red dot) has been put on the needle.

The forth section is a right-leaning edge section - knitted around the first marker on the needle.

The fifth section is a left-leaning section - knitted around the only marker that hadn't been used in this five-section-sequence.

The above photo shows a summary - above the markers it is written which section was knitted around it. You can see that all markers have been used while knitting five sections.

Please note,
  • the new marker has been put on the needle because there were more than 10 stitches between the edge marker and the last pattern marker as well as 
  • that the marker that was the first (when the five-section-sequence began) has been remove because it had reached the edge marker.

Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

So cute

Seen in a bookstore in Shibuya.