Montag, 26. Dezember 2016

An Idea for Knitted Socks

In this frosty winter weather, nice wollen socks are a comfort for cold feet. That's why I am currently knitting socks, socks and even more socks. I also wanted to try a few different techniques for knitting socks. The helix knitting allows for jogless stripes and is great to use up leftovers of sock yarn that are not enough for a complete pair of socks.

This is definitely NOT a complete pattern, but a sketch or idea for a pair of socks that explains some points to pay attention to when knitting socks with this helix knitting technique.

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  • about 60 to 70 grams of fingering weight yarn
  • 3mm dpns (I usually distribute my stitches on four needles when knitting socks)
  • scrap yarn for afterthought heel
  • a tapestry needle to weave in ends


"Instructions" or what to bear in mind

Knit a toe in one color and distribute your stitches on four needles. After finishing the toe, skip one needle and start the 2nd color in the middle of the sole side of your sock (see photo on the right hand side).

Knit two needles with the 2nd color, then go back to the 1st color yarn and knit two needles with your 1st color. Switch to the needle where the yarn of the 2nd color is currently and knit two needles from there. Go on alternating between both colors.

For this kind of helix knitting you need a heel that does not rely on rows on the top of the foot. The only heel with this property that I know of is the afterthought heel. Make sure to insert the scrap yarn for the afterthought heel after knitting the two heel needles in one color, i.e. do not insert the scrap yarn for the afterthought heel over a color change.

Then go on with your helix pattern - make sure to end the 2nd color also in the middle of the back of the sock. I used the first color to knit the rib and also to knit the afterthought heel.

7 Kommentare:

  1. Die Idee gefällt mir sehr, das soll sich auch mit jo-jo Ferse machen, danke!

    1. Danke dir.
      Ich hatte es mit einer Jo-Jo Ferse nicht geschafft (jedenfalls so wie ich sie kenne). Hierbei hätte ich ja ein- oder zweimal eine ganze Runde stricken müssen, was mir entweder das Muster vorne durchbrochen hätte (mehrere Reihen blau) oder mir eine grüne Runde über die Ferse beschert hätte (und das wollte ich nicht).
      Gibt es noch noch eine andere Methode für die Ferse (ohne auf der Vorderseite stricken zu müssen)? Würde mich freuen, diese zu lernen.

    2. Stat unten in mitten der Sohle den neuen Faden anzuketten we're ich das an der Seite tun. Die Augean auf zwei Nadeln lassen die Jo-Jo Ferse machen

  2. These look so cosy, knitting socks is something so fashionable at the moment, but I've not tried since I was a teenager and back then it was not good!

    1. Thank you. It took me a while to try knitting socks ... and at first they didn't look good at all. But after a few pairs, it gets easier :)

  3. These are some good tips. I've recently discovered that I am a knitter after all and I'm summoning the courage to have a go at making some socks!

    1. Same thing here. It took me quite a while to work up the courage to try knitting socks - even after I had done some pretty complicated knitting. But it's worthwhile - hand-knitted socks are really (really, really) comfortable.