Sonntag, 20. Mai 2018

Lovely Little Stitch Pattern(s)

When I went to the city center this friday I bought a ball of cotton sock yarn (Regia Cotton Tutti Frutti to be exact, here's the link to the yarn's Ravelry page) - in a lovely fruity self-striping color way. I was planning to do something with short rows - though I wasn't sure what exactly. My first try didn't really work the way I planned, so I frogged it ... and decided to knit a plain sock (yes, no short rows), but I wanted a nice stitch pattern at least. So I searched Ravelry for inspiration. The best sock patterns are usually knitted over a small stitch count (i.e. repeats over 4 stitches or so) - and it's a plus if they're stretchy.

In the end, I used the stitch pattern from the Syncopation Socks (pattern by Mary Heininger - available on Ravelry). It's a really simple rib pattern, but the effect is gorgeous. Since I'm usually too lazy to read patterns (unless I really want to learn a new technique), I only used the stitch pattern and did the construction that I currently like most (toe-up and a shadow-wrap heel).

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Other stitch patterns that I really want to try with socks are:
What are your favorite stitch patterns for socks?


  1. Nice design and thanks for the Ravelry link of that.

  2. Danke für diese schöne Zusammenstellung von Sockenmustern. Davon werde ich mal was ausprobieren!

    Ich habe schon mehrfach die folgenden 3 Muster gestrickt:


    In & Out (die werden links gestrickt und dann gewendet)

    und diese hier