Sonntag, 20. Mai 2018

Lovely Little Stitch Pattern(s)

When I went to the city center this friday I bought a ball of cotton sock yarn (Regia Cotton Tutti Frutti to be exact, here's the link to the yarn's Ravelry page) - in a lovely fruity self-striping color way. I was planning to do something with short rows - though I wasn't sure what exactly. My first try didn't really work the way I planned, so I frogged it ... and decided to knit a plain sock (yes, no short rows), but I wanted a nice stitch pattern at least. So I searched Ravelry for inspiration. The best sock patterns are usually knitted over a small stitch count (i.e. repeats over 4 stitches or so) - and it's a plus if they're stretchy.

In the end, I used the stitch pattern from the Syncopation Socks (pattern by Mary Heininger - available on Ravelry). It's a really simple rib pattern, but the effect is gorgeous. Since I'm usually too lazy to read patterns (unless I really want to learn a new technique), I only used the stitch pattern and did the construction that I currently like most (toe-up and a shadow-wrap heel).

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Other stitch patterns that I really want to try with socks are:
What are your favorite stitch patterns for socks?

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  1. Nice design and thanks for the Ravelry link of that.

  2. Danke für diese schöne Zusammenstellung von Sockenmustern. Davon werde ich mal was ausprobieren!

    Ich habe schon mehrfach die folgenden 3 Muster gestrickt:


    In & Out (die werden links gestrickt und dann gewendet)

    und diese hier