Samstag, 16. November 2019

Stella - Star-Shaped Potholders

Christmas is the time to decorate the space around you with pretty things. And as a knitter, in the run-up to Christmas I like to knit decorations. And if these decorations are also useful, it's even better. These 8-pointed stars can be used as hotpads, doilies or coasters.
They are knitted in one piece and all in garter stithc– starting with a provisional CO, then point by point around the center. Grafting the first and last rows together gives it a seamless look. The construction uses short rows and basic increases and decreases.
So, if you want a quick knit to get you into a Christmas mood – and maybe learning a couple of new techniques along the way – this pattern is for you.

The pattern is available for purchase 
The pattern PDF 14 pages long and contains:

  • the complete written patterns for stars in two sizes including charts
  • a general pattern how to knit stars in other sizes – containing also a photo tutorial
  • three further variations of this pattern (see photos below)
    • lacy variation of this star – written pattern and a chart
    • a pattern for a two-colour variation – written pattern, a chart and detailed instructions how to undo the provisional CO in two colours and how to do the grafting in two colours
    • a three-colour variation – chart only 
  • short photo tutorials for the following techniques
    • provisional cast on with a crochet hook and how to undo it
    • grafting in garter stitch
    • intarsia

Skills you need to knit this pattern:
  • provisional CO
  • short rows with wrap and turn
  • grafting in garter stich
  • basic increases (kfb) and decreases (ssk and k2tog)

  • yarn – I used cotton yarns, for the off white ones in Aran weight (15 grams for the small star, 30 grams for the bigger star) and Sports weight yarn for the orange lacy star (about 40 grams)
  • knitting needles that are smaller than what the yarn calls for – I used 2.5mm needles
  • scrap yarn and a crochet hook for a provisional CO
  • a tapestry needle for grafting

The bigger star in Aran weight measures 24 cm from tip to tip, the smaller one 16 cm.
The big lacy star in Sports weight yarn measures about 36 cm.

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