Freitag, 5. November 2021

Blümchen Fingerless Gloves

I love fingerless gloves. They are my favorite accessory – and also my favorite piece to knit because they offer so many varieties of constructing them. These are knitted flat and in garter stitch. One edge of the row is the thumb and the mitt shaped around it in short rows. The flower pattern is done in intarsia technique. The piece starts with a provisional CO and is finished by grafting in garter stitch. After grafting the side seams are sewn up.

Since this is an intarsia project with three colours that also uses short rows, it can be quite fiddly. It is NOT a beginner pattern.

The pattern is available via 

The pattern PDF is 15 pages long and contains

  • written row-by-row instructions for knitting a glove in one size (see below) – including eight photos of the different stages
  • pattern chart
  • short photo tutorials for the following techniques
    • provisional CO with a crochet hook and how to undo it
    • grafting in garter stitch
    • short rows with wrap and turn and picking up the wraps 
    • intarsia knitting 
    • weaving in yarn while carrying it (backwards and forwards)
  • step-by-step explanations with photos of
    • undoing the provisional CO in this pattern (i.e. catching stitches in different colours)
    • grafting with colour changes

Gauge and Size(s)
I knitted two pairs – one with 2.5 mm needles and one with 3 mm needles:
  • With 2.5 mm needles 28 ridges (56 garter stitch rows) gave me 10 cm in height and 25 sts gave 10 cm in width (with an unblocked swatch, since I didn't block the mitts). The finished piece knitted with 2.5 mm needles is about 18 cm high (at it's highest point) and about 16 cm in diameter (without just below the thumb). 
  • With 3 mm needles 26 ridges (53 garter stitch rows) gave me 10 cm in height and 23 sts gave 10 cm in width (also with  unblocked swatch). The finished piece measures about 20 cm in height and about 18 cm in diameter (just below the thumb).
However, the pieces are all in garter stitch, so they are quite stretchy.
The picture below shows a comparison of the two "sizes".

To knit a pair of these fingerless gloves you need the following materials
  • Fingering weight yarn in three colors – I used a total about 35 to 40 grams (or 150 to 170 metres):
    • about 20 grams of C1 (green in the title picture)
    • about 14 grams of C2 (white in the title picture)
    • about 4 grams of C3 (pink in the title picture)
  • 2.5 mm or 3 mm knitting needles – straight or circulars (or another needle that gives you the gauge) 
  • scrap yarn and a crochet hook (about 3mm) for the provisional CO
  • 2 removable stitch markers 
  • two tapestry needles for grafting and to weave in ends
Just before finishing the 2nd mitt :)

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