Samstag, 17. Mai 2014

Horizontal Cables

A while ago I saw a beautiful pattern for crocheted fingerless gloves on Ravelry - Comet by Tanja Oswald. It had horizontal cables and instantly started thinking about how to do horizontal cables in  knitting ... it took me a while to figure it out and I'm still not happy with the result and there is room for improvement, but it's a path worth pursuing.

Other ideas for horizontal cables (different ones though) can be found here:

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  1. Do you have a pattern or notes for how to knit the above pictured swatch? I understand German as well. :)

    I am teaching an advanced cable workshop in June and would love to knit up this sample to make them aware of this unique technique. I would be happy to point the workshop participants to your website...

    1. No I haven't got any notes (it's all in my head, or rather it WAS in my head :)
      IIRC, the cable strands consist of 4 rows (kkpp), before a strand I would BO a few stitches, k a few stitches, BO a few stitches ... and in the next row CO stitches over the BOs - that gives you the holes you need.
      For the next strand (different color), I switched knitting into the stitches on the current row and the BO stitches below ...
      Here it is important to carry the yarn (as a big sling) through the holes, the way you want the cables to go (and secure i there with a safety pin BEFORE knitting it.

      I hope this make sense to you ...

      However, there is a pattern for horizontal knitted cables on Ravelry:
      I haven't read it, and from the pattern description I think she did it in another way ... but it does look great.

  2. Aha, thank you for the tips! I think I know what you mean and will give it a shot. Also, thank you for the link to the horizontal cable pattern. I did see her crochet cables a while back but didn't realize that she has also "translated" them to a knitting version as well. Happy Knitting!