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From Almendra Cowl to Zoom Out Mitts

Recently when I looked at the list of patterns on my blog's Ravelry Page I noticed that I had patterns starting with nearly every letter of the alphabet ... nearly. That made me want to complete the list ... and I finally made it in December with the Xmas Star Mitts.

I must admit that I "designed" the names of at least two patterns to have a complete set of all the letters of the alphabet (K and X were the most difficult :). But I am quite proud to have a full alphabet of free knitting and crochet patterns anyway.

This list shows several things:
  • I'm not good at naming patterns - that's why I sometimes ask for help in the forum.
  • I like "nerdy" pattern names - or names that have some engineering, geometry or sci-fi connotation. 
  • I really like hand accessories - 31 (!) of the patterns are fingerless gloves and wrist warmers.
The list also shows that currently (January 9th, 2016) there are 64 free patterns available on this blog.

Here's the list. Enjoy!

Edit: All patterns released after this blog post are listed in italics. Currently there are 133 different patterns available. (last edit: 31.03.2018).

Alignment Socks
Almendra Cowl
Amplitude Cowl
April Knitted Slippers

Bamboo and Ruffles Wrist Warmers
Bartkauz Shoulder Warmer
Barton Cottage Wrist Warmers
Bat Mitts
Battenberg Socks
Bauklötze Scarf (also available in German)
Bitilasana Yoga Socks
Braid Theory Cowl
Brioche in Montreux Cowl
Bubblewrap Cowl
Burgdorf Cowl (also available in German)

Cable Experiment Mitts
Candy Corners Scarf
Checkered Lace Scarf
Citrus Fruit Potholder
Chevrons All Round Cowl (matches the Hexagon Mitts, also available in Danish)
Circle Beret
Circle Mitts (also available in aran weight version, in German, in Russian and in Italian)
Cordillera Scarf

Data Center Mitts
Double Helix Mitts

Easter Bunny Egg Cozy
Easter Bunny Potholder
Easter Eggs (also available in German)
Edelweiss Flower Ornament (Crochet)
Edgy Fingerless Gloves
Eifel Cowl
Esprit de l'Escalier Scarf

Falling Blossoms Scarf
First of August (Potholder)
Four Strand Cable Mitts
From Pantyhose to Phone Sock
Frost in March Hat

Garter Stitch Haramaki
Garter Stitch Christmas Gnome
Garudasana Yoga Socks
Geranium Knitted Slippers

Helga Cabled Mitts
Helgoland Mitts (also available in Danish)
Helix Mitts
Hermes Socks
Hexagon Mitts in Two Colors (also available in Danish)

Ice Maiden Cowl
Iceberg Socks
Inbetween Mitts
Inclination Wrist Warmers
I ♥ Intarsia Washcloth (also available in German)

Jeans and Old Lace Fingerless Gloves
Jolly Waves Cowl

Knitty Egg Warmers
Knitted Pantyhose Scrunchy
Knit-Only Slouch Hat
Klecks Socks
Kreisel Fingerless Gloves

La Chocolatière Mitts (Crochet)
Little Christmas Tree
Little Rectangles Summer Scarf (also available in German)

Margarete Fingerless Gloves
Mermaids Garden Scarf
Mini-Cable Fingerless Gloves
Mixed Waves Cowl (also available in Danish)
Mixed Waves Mitts
Monster Tooth Scarf

Nautilina Scarf
Nikko Summer Crochet Hat
No Assembly Required Top
Nostalgia Brioche Cowl

Octavo Fingerless Gloves (Crochet, also available in Italian)
Ojos de Bruja Scarf (also available in Italian)
Onion Market Wrist Warmers
Osterspaziergang Socks
Oszilla Scarf

Papagena Scarf (also available in Danish and in Russian (as a video))
Patchwork Cowl
Pieces of Eight Mitts (also available in Danish)
Plain with Picots (Wrist Warmers)
Pumpkin Potholders

Queen of Diamonds Scarf

Rainbow Pearls Cowl
Ramble Mitts
Random Bubbles (Scarf)
Random Lace E-Book Sleeve
Random Lace Scarf
Rettangolini Scarf (Crochet)

Sankaku Wrist Warmers (Crochet)
Seashell Coasters
Seifenblasen Lace Scarf
Seitenstreifen Socks
Seitwärts Hat
Serpentina Mitts
Short Wave Mitts (also available in DK weight)
Sideways Yoga Socks
Skein Hash Cowl
Skew Symmetry Cowl
Snowy Xmas Tree
Sparkler Mitts (Crochet, also available in German and in French)
Stack Overflow Cowl
Stack Overflow Mitts
Starburst Mitts
Strata Fingerless Gloves
Striped Fingerless Gloves - The first ever pattern that I published.
Stripes, Stripes and Stripes Scarf (also available in German)
Summertime Garter Stitch Top

Tannenbäumchen Potholder
Tarn Scrunchy (Crochet)
Through Thick and Thin Scarf (also available in German)
Tomatoes and Coffee Socks
Triangulation Wrist Warmers (also available in German)
Trikonasana Yoga Socks

U-Turn Hat
U-Turn Mitts
U-Turn Mitts (Crochet Version), also available in Dutch
U-Turn Slippers
Undecided Slippers

Velvet Recycling Cowl
Vermicelli Autumn Wrap

Wanderlust Phone Sock
Waterfall Tunic
Wedges Wrap
Wellengang Short Row Scarf (also available in German)
Widow's Weeds Fingerless Gloves
Wölkchen Washcloth
Windings Mitts

Xmas Star Mitts
Xtreme Slip Stitches Shrug

Yet Another Short Row Scarf
Yoga Socks for the Lounger

Zimtstern Mitts (also available in German)
Zoom Out Fingerless Gloves (also available in German)

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  1. Baie geluk!! Dink nie daar is baie ontwerpers wat al dieselfde prestasie behaal het nie!! Jy is baie talentvol! ♥
    Congratulations! Don't think there are many designers who can claim this accomplishment! You are very talented! ♥

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment! ♥♥♥
      Baie dankie!

  2. Lovely of you to share all your patterns, and especially to make an index of them! You are clever!
    I love to knit, unfortunately not many of my knitting projects reach completion, so I just drool over your superb pictures wishing my knitting would finish itself!!
    I love your kaleidoscope pictures too!
    Barbara xx

    1. Thank you!
      Another index (by topic) can be found on the pattern page: